2019-2020 Career Interest Survey

Collects responses from HS Juniors for Job Shadow Day

The Wallowa County Rotary Club is sponsoring a Job Shadow Day for Wallowa County Juniors. The date is set for Tuesday morning,  March 3rd, 2020. 

This survey is designed to gather information about your career interests.  You will be asked to provide your top three career areas of interest from the list provided. This year, you have more than 80 options to choose from!

For your shadow experience, you will be paired with a someone who works in one of the career areas you select. Every effort will be made to provide you with a job shadow in one of the areas you have chosen.  If you do not have three different areas of interest, you may select the same choice one or more  times - this doesn't guarantee that you will be placed with this career, but does guarantee that you won't go somewhere you do not want to go.

Again this year, you have the option to choose some highly specialized and professional career topics that are discussion only (learn about the career, but don’t get to see it in action or try it out).  These are located at the end of each list.

There are 6 questions in this survey.